Elaver Dreamweaver

Elven Witch


Tall and slender, with long blonde hair that falls well below his shoulders. He has bright green eyes, a narrow face and of coarse pointed ears.


Elaver was born to a Lesser Noble house. He would often explore the forest, and one day as a small child he found a fantastic creature, it was a magical Dinosaur named Vincent that promised him an interesting life if he would only make a contract with it. This intrigued Elaver so he agreed. this creature taught him many things about the ways of magic. Elaver trained for years slowly realizing he had to keep the truth of his pact to himself, for making a contract with an unknown force to gain magical powers often gives people cause to assume its some sort of Demonic pact. Which it could very well be Elaver still isn’t sure as to what the true source of this power is, all he knows is that there seems to be an aura of deception about this magic, but he has grown to like Vincent anyway. Elaver eventually began regarding him as his best friend. Elaver would often sleep until well into the afternoon. Sword play and archery never interested him. He would rather spend his time lounging and reading, and in secret developing hexes of his own to manipulate the nobles around him. This made Elaver a disappointment to his father, who was a “mans man”.But Elaver always valued his intellect and wit, so he continued to study and learn new langues and histories. And so Elaver never accompanied his father on any of the official duties of a noble. The rival houses took this as a sign of weakness and one afternoon, while Elaver was in the forest training with his familiar, one of the rival houses (or at least Elaver assumed it was a rival house) assassinated his parents. Lucky for Elaver, his father never mentioned him and his sedentary lifestyle kept many other nobles from seeing him, he survived. But it would be too dangerous to return, Elaver could not return to his home. So he sent his younger brother to live with a close branch family while he would have to use his intelligence and wits to survive on his own defending their family name. He fully plans to bring his house the glory and prestige that would make his Father proud.

Elaver Dreamweaver

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