Oleg Leveton

A middle-aged man with a no-nonsense attitude and fierce pride


Race: Dwarf

Oleg has a round face, with matted golden hair and soft brown eyes. He is a middle-aged man with a no-nonsense attitude and fierce pride. Were it not for the fact that he feared for his wife’s fate, he would have doubtless sacrificed his life to the bandits in a foolish attempt to defend his stock when they first paid a visit 3 months ago.

The fact that he’s been forced to turn over each month’s stock to the bandits shames him, but he does his best to mask that shame with a stubborn and gruff attitude. His wife Svetlana knows how much the situation pains him, and knows that she’s the reason that he hasn’t stood up to the bandits and how that act of humility is crushing his soul. She’s pleaded with him several times to abandon the post and return to Restov, but Oleg has stubbornly refused to give in that completely. His only concession to Svetlana’s wishes has been to send several requests to the city for reinforcements whenever a trapper or hunter stops by on their way back to civilization—he’s recently received word back with a promise that a group of guards will soon be sent, but no sign of such protection has yet arrived. The PCs are the first chance Oleg’s had to stand up to the bandits.


Oleg Leveton

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