Sundu Vuleshk

Vishkanyas Rogue


Sundu is humanoid, standing 5 feet 9 inches tall and posses a lightly scaled complexion due to his heritage, giving him a much more exotic look. Though, rumors often circulate about his race’s poisonous skin, though this may be false. It does not stop many from believing it to be true.


Sundu grew up in the city of Winterbreak inside the territory of Issian. Though he grew up in Issian he did not become fervent and zealous about the conflict with Rostland; Naturally he wanted the nation as a whole to become prosperous, but the conflict seemed to be futile and would only damage the strength of a nation as a whole. He never knew his parents – if they perished before he could remember, or if he was abandoned, it was something that concerned him for his early years but became something he just accepted as a fact of life whether for better or for worse. Given his distant upbringing, or lack of he wandered without much purpose or a career to pursue, though this wasn’t made easier by his heritage making any legitimate career path even more difficult to obtain. Faced with this opposition and little desire to try to push past it, Sundu took the opportunities for coin as they came, be it helping move crates from the docks, to taking a bag of unattended coin while no one was looking. This naturally got Sundu in various incidents with the guards, though he managed to get off with his life, he tried to improve his strategy when he saw an opportunity, but sometimes the lure of the seemingly unopposed and albeit modest wealth infront of him at times irresistible.

While initially scraping a living seemed worthwhile, the reputation he was starting to form with the local guards and indeed many of the folk who lived in Winterbreak only made his life harder, and likely as time went on closer to the gallows. The call to establish a safe path to the south seemed a worthwhile venture, to not only get a reasonable amount of wealth, but to start writing his name in the annuls of history, perhaps enough to offset his misdeeds even if stealing was a habit he could not break. Though he was aware of the potential for civil war, it was not something that concerned him so far as which side he was on, as far as Sundu was concerned it could likely be turned towards his advantage in some way, though he did not feel particularly loyal to either faction; he did not want to see such a civil war destroy or damage the nation as a whole.

Even as he set off, using some favours here and there, as well as some coin to make his way to the south his mind started to turn outwards further, wondering if sufficient influence and power would allow him to find a way to conquer mortality it self, though for the moment that but remained a distant dream and idea.

Sundu Vuleshk

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