House Garess

Motto “Strong as the Mountains”
Capital Grayhaven
Size 148 hexes: 94 plains, 24 mountains, 30 hills

The valleys and lowlands of the Golushkin Mountains are the domain of House Garess, founded on both the defensibility of the mountain terrain and the mineral wealth the house has brought out of the peaks for generations. House Garess once had a profitable alliance with a clan of dwarves living in the Golushkin Mountains, serving as brokers of a sort for the ores, metals, and worked goods the Golushkin dwarves produced. Duke Howlin Garess even took Toval Golka, the son of the clan-chief of the dwarf hold, as his ward (some say more as a hostage than a guest in Grayhaven Castle). This proved fortunate for young Toval, as Grayhaven lost all contact with the dwarf hold of Golushkin during the same winter as the Vanishing. With the dwarves gone and his own son Bren lost inside the mountains, Duke Howlin, a widower with no other children, has named Toval his adoptive heir. Howlin was saddened by his loss and able to commiserate with Toval in their shared loss drew them closer and after a year or two, Duke Garess adopted Toval as his son and heir. This has earned the dwarf, now a skilled young warrior in his own right, few friends in Grayhaven.

Relations With the Other Houses

Scale: Hostile – Poor – Moderate – Good – Excellent

Aldori Swordlords Fair: Dangerous city on the border, ruled by descendants of the Aldori Swordlords— a place that must be watched carefully to maintain our national unity.
Ardden Good: Trustworthy folk of the forests. Perhaps a little too protective of nature, but at least they have a cause and they stick to it.
Lebeda Poor: After they broke off the engagement with Bren so soon after his disappearance, Duke Howlin has little trust for House Lebeda.
Slane Fair: Bitter seafolk.
Surtova Moderate: Our Rulers. Garess always swears fealty to the ones who command the country— the strength of Brevoy depends on such loyalty.
Rogarvia Moderate: Good and competent leaders of Brevoy in an age of peace, but with Urzen gone we do not recognize any lesser noble houses.
Vessia Moderate: Too conservative for their own good, the Vessians are noble folk and good to have on your side in an argument, but they are growing increasingly bitter. Civil war should be avoided at all costs, even if it means allying with the likes of Lebeda, Slane, and Surtova, Duke Poul should understand this.

Notable Members

  • Duke Howlin Garess Head of House Garess.
  • Toval Golka Current adopted heir to house Garess. This dwarf is one of the few remaining from Golushkin. He has few friends in Greyhaven and has become melancholy since the disappearance of his people.
  • Keston Garess Keen swordsman.

House Garess

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