House Rogarvia

Motto “With Fire and Sword”
Size 85 hexes: 82 plains, 3 forests

Looking to secure himself and his progeny as high a place in the new order as he could, Nikos Surtova offered the hand of his daughter, Myrna, in marriage to Choral, binding the house of the Conqueror with his own. Since Choral’s final victory in the Valley of Fire, House Rogarvia has ruled Brevoy, until the recent mysterious disappearance. The house built the Ruby Fortress in the city of New Stetven as its stronghold, and Urzen Rogarvia sat on the Dragonscale Throne up until 4699, when the entire family vanished overnight. The Rogarvias were well known as ruthless rulers, determined to hold Brevoy together in the Conqueror’s name by whatever means necessary. Still, while their loss was not overly mourned, the stability they represented has been. Loyalists have continued to call for investigation into the Vanishing and make much of the fact that their rule lasted precisely 200 years, but it has become increasingly clear that House Rogarvia will not return soon, if ever.

Relations With the Other Houses

Scale: Hostile – Poor – Moderate – Good – Excellent

Aldori Swordlords Moderate: They have always fought against our rule, but they have not been overly harsh against our former transgressions.
Ardden Moderate: They are reliable and consistent, but not supportive of our new house.
Garess Moderate: They are loyal and reliable, but like the other houses they do not support our new house.
Lebeda Moderate: They offer us fair trade, but do not recognize our new house.
Slane Moderate: Pirates, but on the other side of the country.
Surtova Fair: They have usurped our seat in our weakened state.
Vessia Excellent: We had strong ties to this House. They have put a lot at risk in order to continue to support our house even with the majority of it gone.

Notable Members

Lesser Houses

  • Baron Stephan Thane. Ruler of Tammerling.
  • Tomas Thane.

House Rogarvia

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