House Slane

Motto “The Waters, Our Fields”
Capital Winterbreak
Size 106 hexes: 77 plains, 15 mountains, 13 hills

Whereas House Surtova slowly changed their waterborne ways to focus on their lands and political affairs in Brevoy, House Slane has remained strongly interested in maritime affairs. They have steadily grown their fleet of ships in the Lake of Mists and Veils and their influence along their lakeshore lands and the trade routes crossing the waters. House Slane claims comparatively little land in the northernmost areas of Brevoy, and much of the land they hold is unsuitable for farming, but the house has many vessels hauling catches of fish and freshwater crabs from the Lake.

Relations With the Other Houses

Scale: Hostile – Poor – Moderate – Good – Excellent

Aldori Swordlords Fair: Foolish outlanders.
Ardden Fair: Bitter nature-worshipers.
Garess Fair: Sour miners.
Lebeda Fair: Lying traders.
Surtova Moderate: Dangerous pirates.
Rogarvia Moderate: Respected us; we respected them, but with Urzen gone we do not recognize any lesser noble houses.
Vessia Poor: Uptight fools.

Notable Members

  • Duke Kozek Slane is at heart a cunning old pirate with a love of the water, looking to do right by his house, his family, and his people.

House Slane

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