House Surtova

Motto “Ours Is the Right”
Capital Port Ice
Size 202 hexes: 159 plains, 14 forest, 6 mountains, 17 hills, 6 swamps

The most influential house in Brevoy, House Surtova, is also the oldest, established in Issia centuries before Choral’s arrival. The Surtovas were infamous pirates and raiders in those early days, and with the Conquerer’s coming were able to parley captured wealth into lands and titles. What started out as a defensible fortress became Port Ice, a settlement that has been the seat of Surtova power for generations. Nikos Surtova’s alliance with Choral secured House Surtova’s place at the right hand of the ruling house, and allowed them to move quickly into place after The Vanishing. The Survotas established a “regency” in the absence of King Urzen, which has quickly become the de facto succession to the crown. King Noleski Surtova sits upon the Dragonscale Throne, while his sister Natala Surtova reigns as unofficial “queen,” as her brother is as yet unmarried. Rumors say Natala enjoys her role (and her influence over her brother) far too much to embrace the idea of a proper sister-in-law. Still, there is considerable pressure for Noleski to choose a bride and produce heirs for his new dynasty.

Relations With the Other Houses

Scale: Hostile – Poor – Moderate – Good – Excellent

Aldori Swordlords Fair: They are fiercely independent and should be viewed with some suspicion.
Ardden Moderate: It took them a while, but they eventually swore to us.
Garess Good: Duke Howlin swore to us at an appropriate pace.
Lebeda Good: Good relations. Swore rather quickly.
Slane Moderate: Long-rivals, but they swore to us quite quickly.
Rogarvia Moderate: We had a good relationship with the old house, but with Urzen gone we do not recognize any lesser noble houses.
Vessia Poor: They still profess loyalty to the near eleven-year departed House Rogarvia. They had best swear to us soon or there may be difficulties.

Notable Members

Other Members

  • Duke Nabob Surtova (d. 4698) Noleski and Natala’s father. Died in a skiing accident outside Port Ice when a slope collapsed on him twelve years ago.
  • Duchess Nathaline Surtova (d. 4702) Noleski and Natala’s mother. Assassinated eight years ago. No one knows why she was assassinated by a traveling troupe of performing gnomes, and no one captured the gnomes who disappeared after throwing the deadly poisoned knife at her exposed throat. On her death, Noleski took over in Issia.

House Surtova

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