House Vessia

Motto “High Above”
Capital Stoneclimb
Size 256 hexes: 120 plains, 61 forests, 9 mountains, 26 hills

From Eagle’s Watch on the slopes of Mt. Veshka, House Vessia seeks to remain above the conflicts in Brevoy, both figuratively and literally. Unfortunately, the house’s role as a staunch ally of the Rogarvias has placed it in an awkward position under the current regime. Thus far, House Vessia has refused to acknowledge Noleski Surtova as anything other than Lord Regent in the absence of King Urzen or a true Rogarvian heir, but it is becoming increasingly clear which way the political winds are shifting. Duke Poul Vessia will soon be forced to either declare for the man he considers a usurper and opportunist, or seek to overthrow him and claim the Dragonscale Throne for himself (or another he finds worthy).

Relations With the Other Houses

Scale: Hostile – Poor – Moderate – Good – Excellent

Aldori Swordlords Moderate: Fiercely independent people; generally a bunch of flashy swindlers who are not to be trusted, but their resilience is to be admired.
Ardden Good: Honorable people of the forest.
Garess Good: Lord Howlin and our house share several relatives. The Lord is a respectable man and shares much of our same mores. A pity that he backs Surtova so firmly.
Lebeda Fair: Opportunists who snubbed Lord Howlain and who are scrimping at the scraps that House Surtova deigns to give them. Unworthy of respect.
Slane Poor: Scoundrels. They raid our coastal villages and are the scum of the earth after breaking their word to us by burning a village to the ground and putting its citizens to the sword.
Surtova Poor: Our refusal to swear to the King has been trying his, but especially his Queen and Lord Domani’s patience.
Rogarvia Excellent: We had strong ties to this now departed House. We eagerly wait for their return.

Notable Members

  • Duke Poul Vessia (41) A traditionalist who prefers to remain neutral—until recently. He may soon have to choose to either support House Surtova or rebellion against them.
    • Alexander (21)
    • William (18)
    • Louis (17) 1 child
    • Miriam (16) 1 child
    • Tania (14)
    • Lana (11)
    • Gwynn (8)
  • Vassily Vessia (39) Brother of Duke Poul.
    • Kaidyn (18)
    • Annie (13)
    • Jane (11)
    • Samuel (8)
    • Lan (5)
  • Victoria Vessia (39) Sister of Duke Poul
    • Milicent (24)
    • Pearl (22) 4 children
    • Owen (18)
    • Asa (13)
  • Wynne Vessia (35) Sister of Duke Poul
  • Timothae Vessia (30) Brother of Duke Poul
    • Corwynn (14)
    • Santander (11)
    • Glynn (5)
    • Gwen (2)
    • Jane (newborn)

House Vessia

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