• Breeg Orlivanch, a foul-mannered trapper, has been missing for some time—they say he gave up trapping and joined the bandits!
  • Some of the bandits wear silver amulets that resemble a stag’s skull—these bandits belong to a debased cult dedicated to a hideous animal demon.
  • Davik’s Revenge There used to be a bridge crossing the Shrike River to the southeast, but bandits ruined it. They say the old bridge keeper Davik Nettles haunts the place now.
  • The Stag Lord The bandits are getting braver and more organized, and there’s whispers that they have a new leader—a man who dresses in animal’s bones and calls himself the Stag Lord.
  • Sootscale Kobolds, The Old Banyan Bandits aren’t the only things in the Kamelands that cause trouble—there’s a tribe of kobolds and a tribe of mites living somewhere in the hills too. They aren’t as much trouble as the bandits, but their presence certainly makes the idea of settling the land less attractive.
  • The primary trade route from the River Kingdoms to Brevoy is the East Sellen River, a major waterway that runs through a swampy region to the west called the Hooktongue Slough. The trade route’s been closed for several months, though, due to an increased amount of violence from the local wildlife.
  • A group of evil monks and priests of a lesser-known goddess of hatred, extortion, and spite once dwelt on the northern shore of the Tuskwater to the south. I bet there are still cultists out there, and that they’re behind the sudden rise in banditry!
  • Some people report that a unicorn lives in the Narlmarches, but sightings of the magnificent creature have fallen off in recent months. Perhaps the unicorn was driven out by the bandits?
  • Gold Mine Taldan colonists once made an attempt to settle in the Stolen Lands. They failed, but not for lack of resources. There’s supposedly some old and abandoned mines somewhere in the Kamelands—and some folks believe that there’s gold in the hills!
  • Forgotten Cache An old friend of a friend had a brother who went missing in the Stolen Lands a while back. A traveling wizard. His spellbook’s probably just rotting away in the underbrush or in some monser’s lair. Shame, really!

Brevoy Rumors

Blood of Dragons: There were three dragons involved in the conquest of Brevoy, not two. The two reds at the Valley of Fire were both females. But their male mate was close at hand—wearing the human guise of Choral the Conqueror. House Rogarvia carried the blood of dragons in their veins, and in the end it consumed them all.

The Conqueror’s Debt: Choral the Conqueror made a pact with otherworldly forces to obtain not only his vast army, but also the aid of his red dragon allies. The disappearance of House Rogarvia is the result of Choral’s debt finally coming due.

The Next Earthfall: Skywatch was built as a lookout and warning post against disasters such as the Earthfall, and the reason the Rogarvias have vanished is the observatory has detected another such imminent threat. The people of Skywatch huddle in shelter waiting for the sky to fall.

Return of the Conqueror: Choral placed the care of Brevoy in the hands of his descendants and then departed into the depths of The Gronzi Forest, promising one day to return. The Vanishing is a sign the Conqueror’s return is imminent, and he wants his kin either out of the way of his armies, or just out of the way of his return to the throne.


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