The Greenbelt

Dominated by the woodland known as the Narlmarches and the rolling hills of the Kamelands, this region is the one your group has been chartered to explore. Bandits are particularly rife in this area, and the rumors that they’ve organized under the banner of a bandit warlord who calls himself The Stag Lord are particularly troubling. You are to explore as much of the northern half of The Greenbelt as you can and, if possible, to find out more about this “Stag Lord”. Other rumored problems in the region include a tribe of mites, a tribe of kobolds, mischievous fey, and numerous dangerous monsters and wildlife.

Brevoy attempted a few colonization efforts, but those efforts were beaten back by trolls and other monstrous species that had travelled north from the Monstrous Lands.
Recently, the Swordlords of Restov, in collaboration with the Brevic Crown have decided to push south, before other bordering countries can land grab the area.

The Greenbelt is inhabited by:
Wolves, wargs, cougars, black bears, barghests, Giant Ravenous Pika, trolls, tatzlwyrms, giants (East), will-o-the-wisps, many many subspecies of Fey, Dryads, Naiads, Nymphs, several types of undead, a great deal of humanoid bandits, lizard folk, boggards (west), centaurs (East), barbarians (west), giant frogs, and more.

Animals (Usually Harmless)
Chipmonks, Elk, Frogs, Glyptodons, Megaloceri, Moose, Pika (common), Porcupine, Toads, Skunk, Squirrels.

Northern Greenbelt Locations

Southern Greenbelt Locations

The Greenbelt

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