Choral the Conqueror Conquers and forms Brevoy out of Issia and Rostland.


Choral the Conqueror dies.


Winter The Vanishing


21st: Noleski Surtova takes the throne.



24th: Party is given the charter to explore The Stolen Lands
25th-30th: Party journeyed to Olegs. They Met Bokken. Fought the bandits


1st-14th: Explored, met the local fey, found a gold mine.
12th-14th: Attacking Mites. Down the Rabbit Hole & Rabbits revisited
15th-19th: How does he do it?
15th: Exploring and avoiding the trapdoor spider
18th: Found a hidden stash
19th-2nd: War and Peace
19th: Slept at tree
20th: Helped Kobold.
21st: Explored Hexes to the East of the Kobold Camp (Started @ F42)
22nd: Explored Hexes to the East of the Kobold Camp (Started @ G41)
23rd: Headed back to Oleg’s
24th: Back at Oleg’s
25th: Leave Oleg’s
26th: slept before temple.
27th: slept after temple
28th: explored dead trapper
29th: on thorn River


1st: Explored 3 hexes
2nd-6th: Raiding pyromaniacs
2nd: Tuskgutter
3rd: Rode Back to Oleg’s to stop the fire
4th: Helped @ Oleg’s
5th: Made a treasure map and headed back to the Stag Lord
6th: Near Stag Lord
7th: Fighting Undead
8th: Invaded the Stag Fort
9th: The Stag Lord is killed.
10th: Met the Stag Lord’s Father. Let him go.
11th: Slept at the river crossing. Went to Nettle’s Crossing to deliver the body. Slept in the Forgotten Cache hex.
12th: Headed back to Oleg’s Trading Post.
13th: Woke up at Oleg’s Trading Post. Delivered the helm, Akiros, and Handsome to Kesten & Lorum. Ordered some items. Headed back out to the Stag Fort.
14th: Woke up at Gold Mine.
15th: Made it to the Stag Fort. Encountered Howl-of-the-North-Wind. Slept an hour outside of the fort.
16th: Saved Trapped Thylacine, going West.
17th: Met Garuum at Boggard Lair. Explored half of the hex.
18th: Moved south and started exploring the Tatzlwyrm Den hex. Slept after getting stuck for hours.
19th: Killed 3 Tatzlwyrms at the the Tatzlwyrm Den. Ended about 12:30.
20th: Explore bottom half of Tatzlwyrm hex.
21st: Explore the Dead Unicorn Hex
22nd: Find Western edge of the map.
23rd: Explored the bottom left of the map near the Dead Unicorn. (half of f28)
24th-28th: Stuff happened, but no log.
28th: Explored the bottom left of the map near the Dead Unicorn.(F28, E29, E31, E33, F32)
29th: Sleep at River Bridge. Kill the Spider.
30th: Sleep 1/3 of the way to Oleg’s from spider


1st: Arrive back at Oleg’s .
2nd: Leave Oleg’s . Explore up and left of Oleg’s (A35)
3rd: Explore one to the left (A33)
4th: Explore one to the left (A29) – found western edge
5th: Explore down and to the left (B28)
6th: Explore down and to the right (C29)
7th: Explore down and to the left (D28)
8th: Explore to the right (D30)
9th: Get down to the Bottom Corner
10th: Explore Dead Unicorn (F30)
11th: Fight SHambling Mound. Burn Unicorn.
12th: Make it to Statue of Erastil and sleep there.
13th: Explored up and to the left (D30)
14th: Explored Ruined Shrine of Gyronna (C31)
15th: Explored and looted Barbarian Cairn. (B30)
16th: Explored to the right (B32)
17th-18th: Disable traps in the Trap-Filled Glade. (B34)
19th: Explore Fairy Nest
20th: Finish Exploring Fair Next, head back to Oleg’s .
21st: Back at Oleg’s .
22nd: Leave Toward Restov. Make it 1 up and 2 over from Oleg’s (A41)
23rd: Make it to Fort Serenko.
24th: Make it to Nivakta’s Crossing.
25th: Make it to Restov (late at night).
26th: Meet with Lord Mayor Joseph Sellemius and Tomas Thane. Receive secret offer to start your own kingdom. Met with many other factions.
27th: Leave Restov to found a new Kingdom.
28th: Make it to Nivakta’s Crossing.
29th: Make it to Fort Serenko.
30-31st: Travel back to Oleg’s .


1st: Arrive back at Oleg’s . Meet with Akiros, Lorum, and Kesten to talk about a new kingdom.
2nd: Leave Oleg’s . Sleep at the Radish Patch.
3rd: Sleep in Gold Mine.
4th: Sleep at Rickety Bridge.
5th: Sleep at River Crossing
6th: Found new Kingdom
First month of the kingdom.

Second month of the kingdom.

Third month of the kingdom.

Fourth month of the kingdom.

Fifth month of the kingdom.

Sixth month of the kingdom.

Seventh month of the kingdom.


Eighth month of the kingdom.

Ninth month of the kingdom.

Tenth month of the kingdom.

Eleventh month of the kingdom.

Twelfth month of the kingdom.


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